Before Sunrise l Before Sunset l Before Midnight

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Sex Pistols: Johnny Rotten, Hawk Club after-show party, Trondheim, Norway, July 21st 1977. Photo © Arne S. Nielsen.

Kill Bill Vol.I (2003) dir. Quentin Tarantino


Before Sunrise (1995) dir Richard Linklater

I am a delusion angel
I’m a fantasy parade
I want you to know what I think
Don’t want you to guess anymore
You have no idea where I came from
We have no idea where we’re going
Lodged in life, like branches in the river
Flowing downstream caught in the current
I carry you, you’ll carry me
That’s how it could be
Don’t you know me?
Don’t you know me by now?

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Solomon, Gummo (1997)

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Nick Cave is in the front row in the exact middle, not to anyone’s surprise.

Anonymous said: What do you think about Lars von Trier's Melancholia?


It’s a really nice film, the acting was superb, also the atmosphere but even when I believe is a good film I’m convinced this depression trilogy is probably the weakest work he has ever done during his career.

"I’ve had enough of running away, Sophie."

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I don’t understand why sex is more shocking than violence.
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