I was listening to In My Head the album by Black Flag and took a closer look at the art.
Still very creepy and dark. Art by Raymond Pettibon

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I’m going to go wherever you go. You know that.

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I saw this image when I was a kid. The photograph of Jupiter taken by NASA’s Voyager. Beautiful but nothing special until shown in rapid succession. Suddenly Jupiter was alive, breathing. I was hypnotized. Another Earth (2011)

Bang!! c:


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Motherfucker = Redeemer (Part One)


Y como siempre Cioran dándonos una cachetada para dejemos de gimotear.
E.M. Cioran, Cuadernos (1957-1972), trad. de Carlos Manzano, Tusquets, Barcelona, 2004, p. 50.
"Cortesía" del Marco